About Us


Cornerstone Baptist Bible Church is an independent, fundamental Baptist Church belonging to no denomination. We hold neither affiliation nor association with any council, convention, or other ecclesiastical or hierarchal systems. In that regard we are “independent”.  However, we enjoy fellowship with other churches of “like-precious faith”.
We hold to the teachings of the Bible and regard them as “fundamental” to the faith.
We believe in the sole and final authority of the Scriptures, a saved and single-immersed church membership, the autonomy of the local church, individual soul liberty, the priesthood of the believer, only two ordinances of the local church…baptism by single immersion and communion around the Lord’s Table,  the two Biblical offices of the local church: pastor and deacon, and personal and Biblical separation from worldly and depraved system of ungodliness and apostasy.
Our church would be distinguished from other churches, even some which may bear the name “Baptist”, by our position on separation. We do not cooperate or affiliate with any church or para-church organizations which  are associated with the National or World Council of Christian Churches, Neo-Evangelicalism, Neo-Orthodoxy or Neo-Pentecostalism or the Ecumenical Movement.
We love the Word of God and regard it as the sole and final authority for what we believe, teach, and practice; and do so without compromise or apology. Thus, we are committed, as a local church, to the soundness of Bible doctrine and instruction. All of our preaching, teaching, and outreach ministries are from the King James Version of the Bible. We believe that in it God has preserved His matchless Word in our English language! We believe that its integrity and authority are unmatched by any other, for its author is the One and Only True and Living God, who has been pleased to reveal His Person, Plan and Purposes through it!


Sunday Bible School Hour………….10:00 AM
During this time we all meet together in classes adapted for different age levels of  Bible teaching.
All of our teachers are members of this local assembly.

Sunday Morning Worship……………11:00 AM
Sunday Evening Worship………………6:30 PM
In these services we sing the great hymns of the faith. Our pastor preaches challenging, timely, and inspiring messages which are centered upon sound Biblical teaching.  Issues are not avoided but honestly confronted from an authoritative Biblical perspective.

Sunday “Pee-Wee & Patch Clubs”…6:30 PM (September – June)
These growing ministries are held through the months of September through June in conjunction with our evening service. They are designed for children ages 3 through 12.
During this hour the children are involved in Bible study, story  time, and learning new songs which emphasize a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and building Bible-based character.
Our staff is made up of couples from our church.
The highlight of each month is for our  children to participate in our evening service as they share with our congregation by singing their song for the month and sharing what they have learned in their Bible lessons and story time.

Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study…7:00 PM
Our Prayer and Bible time is devoted first to prayer for the needs and burdens of our people, friends, and ministry. The remaining time is devoted to  Bible study.

Our total ministry is designed to grow believers spiritually and equip them to serve God in their homes, work places, and community. It is our desire to provide the “spiritual soil” necessary for a child of God to become rooted and established in the Word of God.
We are more than just a place to come to church. We are a “church family” where Christian love and care can be found.  Our people are friendly and personally involved within our ministry.
In a day when anything will be done by many churches to reach people and add numbers to their attendance, our desire is to first remain loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. We ask the Lord to direct people to our ministry who have a desire to honor God without compromising His Word or lower Biblical standards to appease people.
We desire that our worship be acceptable unto the Lord, well-pleasing in His sight, and that be reflected in our music, teaching, and preaching.